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All That It Needs Is To Hit The Driving Range


Ask any ardent golf player and he would tell you that golf is the best game that he has ever played in his whole life. But unfortunately new players do not feel welcome when they try this sport and there are various reasons for the same. The first of course is that golf is hard to play. Golf is a game that is very challenging and the new players will have to struggle a lot before they start to see any progress in the game. Also, the cost of starting this game can deter the new players from starting the game. There is a lot to buy and this costs a lot. Buying the clubs, shoes, bag, balls are expensive and it can deter most players from trying out this game.

In addition to this, the other difficulty that players face is to meet players who play golf, finding a good place to play the sport or taking out the time from one’s busy schedule to play at least 4 hours of golf. If you are thinking about starting to play this sport then it is sure that these concerns must have crossed your mind. And if truth be told then these issues are actually there with this game. These problems are legitimate and you need solutions to these issues to start and play the game of golf.

The good news is that golf is not as hard as most are made to believe. There definitely are a few challenges but the reward that it offers is worth the time that you spend to learn the ropes. Slowly when you start seeing success in the game and start to make new friends or travel you will definitely appreciate the worth of doing this course. Golf is a game that needs time and money, put in both and you will be rewarded with memories that will stay with you for life.

If you are ready to start playing then just dive straight in. As you grow and your commitments start to increase it becomes a habit to put of trying new things. You have your family, your job and a hobby that you already are a part of. And in between that trying out a new interest can stake a backseat. This is common for most people who want to try playing golf. They put off their plans and eventually never learn the game at all. It is important that this does not happen with you.


The best way you can start is to go to the closest driving range in your area and start playing. Forget now about buying the gold accessories like best golf shoes from Footjoy instead, go to a local driving range and make a few swings. You cannot expect the shots to be great but it is definitely worth trying. But be careful. You may also not be doing right or knowing what you actually are doing.

Does that matter? No. All that you need to do is to get to the range and start hitting some balls. For most of the players, this is the first step that will make them fall in love with the game. Swinging a golf club is a hurdle and this is the first step that you have to cross.

You do not need to spend on golf club now, in case you already do not own one. You could instead consider a few options like borrowing the clubs from a friend. There are chances that you may know at least a single person from your social circle that plays golf.

You could ask them to lend you the clubs for your initial game. This is not just a way to save some money and getting to try the clubs, but it is also a great way to have someone accompany you to the golf course on your first trip.

The other way could be to call the driving range and ask them if they lend clubs for you to use, many of the practice ranges will let you lend for free when you purchase a bucket of balls.

Alternatively, instead of buying the whole set, you could buy just two or three clubs now to take a few trips to the driving range. You could start buying a sand wedge and a driver.

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